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More is less

I think this needed to be added to the frit tutorial. I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m not sure I was quite clear enough before, so here it is, spelled out in the least uncertain of terms:

  • More frit than you can possibly imagine is still less than you think.
  • Quite possibly it is less than you need.
  • Any less, it just won’t be enough, especially for pale shades. It will disappear. Completely.
  • So go heavy with it, and the finer the grade, the heavier you need to go.

So for powder, imagine you are trying to murder someone with a sodium overdose and that your frit is the salt; whereas for fine frit, you are merely trying to make them very, very ill.

Coarse frit is much more “wysiwyg”, so you can exercise relative caution.

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I’ve been meaning to get around to this for a while, and have finally managed to make my frit painting tutorial a reality. It was quite awkward to take the photos while doing the work, as the camera is too heavy and expensive to hold in my teeth and the frit painting is a delicate job better done with both hands free. Or at least, one hand – the same one I’d take the pictures with. Can’t quite recall how I managed it, but apologies for the resulting poor quality.


the frit painting tutorial

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