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Cold snow in warm glass

img_28851Well, I did the glass snow-scene thing I was thinking about, and it came out promising. I don’t know what it is: maybe some kind of a hot dish mat thing? I’m afraid I can’t even think waht that’s called: my table is not worth protecting from anything. Toddlers have had the better of it for quite some time, and now a hot dish here or there would be the least of its problems. I am planning to scale this up and put it on the wall. Or perhaps a less representational scene? And how will I get it onto the wall anyhow? I believe there are clip-glass-to-the-wall systems out there you can buy, or I may be able to cobble something together in a more satisfyingly homemade way, given time.

Meanwhile, the scene-thingy in all its glory. If not too clear. You may have to trust me on this one.

The scene itself is two layers – a base layer of clear (Tekta), with a sky of juniper tint. You can’t really tell from the picture, but it’s a very (too?) subtle wintry blue/gray. The snowy fields were cut from a single piece of white opal that was cut into the different sections you can see. They were placed a couple of mm apart and tack fused to retain  definition. There wouldn’t have been much point in fusing hot enough to melt it all back together again, would there. Then I added the detail in my favorite black powder frit, including running a little black into the channels I had created in the white glass, and refired. This was also the point at which I added the bottom – framing – layer of clear glass, to make the wole thing look more finished and substatial.img_28821

I would actually do this differently next time. I think a) I fired too high second time around, and lost some clarity in the black, and b) there were rounded edges to the channels that made applying frit a nightmare, which is why the trees came out crap (although, again, it may not be obvious in this picture). I think it should be possible – nay, preferable – to do it all in a singe firing.

Hey! A trivet? Isn’t that the term for a hot-dish-thingy?

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