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The house is very slowly being put back into its usual state of trauma after enjoying a quiet week off while we were in Cyprus. The little ones are apparently unable to play with anthing for even a minute without upending the entire box of Lego, or Playmobil, or both (but it’s at least an hour’s work to put it back). I am eyeing the grown-like-Topsy garden and considering my next move in the case of Virginia Creeper v The Householder, and gently reacquainting myself with the Blessed Trinity of washing machine, dishwasher and tumble dryer, so I haven’t had much to show for myself creatively in the last few days. A sock, a couple of rows of my holiday shawl (and then an irritating couple of rows painstakingly back, because I had failed at Reading Patterns 101), and this:


A needle roll, made – gratifyingly – out of nothing but odd scraps. The main fabric I bought a while ago on Etsy, the lining fabric is part of a never-ending magical length of raw silk I’ve had for years. I’ve already used it to make a top (long defunct) and a very long wrap-style baby sling, and there’s still some left. The inside pockets were once a child’s cotton top, and the perfect ribbon was randomly lying around. I’m on a roll: what next?

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