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It’s been coming for a while – about a year, in fact – but now it is reality. Voilà – I find myself transported to the Southern Hemisphere. 6,000 miles from my wet and wooly Wales, in the African sunshine of suburban Johannesburg, in fact.

In short, the Beloved got a great career opportunity, the kind you don’t turn down, unless you are very foolhardy, and probably also the recipient of a trust fund or lottery win large enough to shield you from the consequences of even your most ludicrously irresponsible life choices. As we are not in such an enviable position, when he he got offered his current job, we hesitated for about twenty seconds, and then he took it, packed a suitcase, and left, while the rest of us limped along in Cardiff for another ten damp and miserable months before finally stumbling out, at the very end of July (like so many little white grubs), blinking in the shockingly bright sunshine of O. R. Tambo International Airport.

So here we sit, on the verge of a new adventure. I can’t say I’m not ambivalent, but, in truth, I think these will be interesting times (as the Chinese curse has it). Even the plants in the garden are interesting. See:


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