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Another obsession.

I’m not going to let it happen. I’m not. Really. OK, I know it looks likely from here, but frankly, no. I love my glass, I love my wool, I love my only-slightly-poisonous dyestuffs. But that’s where I draw the line.

So the silversmithing course I started last week will be a mere dilettante dabbling. Just a matter of learning a new technique I can combine with the glasswork, and moving swiftly along. Without spending vast amounts of money on precious metals. Just so we’re quite clear on that. I wouldn’t want anyone worrying.

first ringThis is what I made, though. A simple silver ring, with a few textural embellishments. That’s what the dark score-marks are. (Yes, they are deliberate.) Also, the piece is lightly hammered, which isn’t at all obvious from the picture, but does catch the light very nicely. You’ll have to trust me on that one. Please note, moreover, that the object you see before you is actually round. I know it’s  a ring. I know that generally implies that it might be round. But it does bear stating:  trust me on this one too.

For my next trick I’m going to try making a bracelet, or a bangle (I’m not sure which: I think there may be a difference). I’m pretty proud of my new-found moderate behavior. I could have made it in silver. It would have taken about £20-worth of silver, and given that I am about to screw this project up royally (through a well-practiced combination of overarching ambition and utter lack of technical proficiency), I rather sensibly – and unusually – demurred, and decided to work in copper, for a cost of around £2 instead. There will probably be some silver, but it will be an accent. And there will definitely be less than £20 of it.

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I’m so excited to have found this.

Mary loves designing hats, and she’s recently got into the fun of knitting socks (although she did have to be dragged in the sockward direction kicking and screaming pretty lustily). Me, I just like reinventing the wheel, and doing things like unventing the afterthought heel – done mid-sock with a perilous crochet provisional cast-on (which never, ever unzips for me, in either direction, and I’m clueless as to why). All in all, this new pattern in the Fall ’09 Knitty looks like it might appeal to both of us.

I’m so tickled by the think-outside-the-box quality of the hat-heel sock. I might have to dye some really special short-repeat stripes for a striped heel-and-toe yarn. After I’ve dyed my custom order of a sweater’s-worth of chartreuse. Which is only waiting on me hand-winding the kilo of satisfyingly sheep-scented merino, and finding a very, very big pot.

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I tend to comparison-shop for my weather forecast. I look at three, and choose to believe the best of them. I have a weak but fond hope that I can influence weather by a mixture of brazen outfacing (dress for the weather you hope for, not the weather you realistically have/expect*) and studious politeness (rain, rain, go away; come again another day, please. Thank you).

Since I started comparing the three forecasts, I have been amused by three things. One, how often there is sunshine – tomorrow, or the day after. Always. Never today. Two, how rarely they agree with one another, even vaguely. Three, how many times they manage to be internally inconsistent. I’m fond of: today’s high 16º, current conditions 17º.

So there we go, a plethora of forecasts, mostly gloomy and all wrong. Until today. At last, a forecast that I felt perfectly summed up the weather experience: in fact it summed up the entire damned summer.

today's weather

*Many, of not most British people do this, especially when it comes to wearing summer clothes in the official summer monthsregardless of the actual conditions. I am a wimp, so it’s only ever a strategy of desperation for me.

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