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I am ruined. There is a new shop on the corner of my street and the next one. Ok, it is on the other side of the road, but that’s not going to save me. I can sense it.

Speak it quietly. There is a LYS in the neighborhood. According to Google maps, it is officially a 52 second walk away. Penarth was a nice, safe distance. I could get there if I needed to, but I wasn’t going to go there by accident. Only by-accident-on-purpose. And then only once.

I know. Scary. It could only be worse if Warm Glass had moved there instead of being nicely tucked away an hour’s drive over the bridge, in England (a bridge we have to pay to use, by the way, effectively taxing travel into Wales, but don’t let me get started on that).

My only hope of avoiding immediate ruination is that stock so far looks to be limited and pretty mainstream. Nothing rubbish, but nothing truly exciting either. So it still feels fair enough if I end up getting funky indie yarns online, and I won’t have to feel guilty for not supporting the LYS. When I can reasonably buy from they, I will. And, yes, of course I already have. But only a little bit. And I really think that I could justify the row-counters. It turns out that I can’t count to six in my head as reliably as I’d assumed.

And then, having looked at the sock needles and thought, “I could make those” I came home and did just that. Beechwood skewers, pencil-sharpener and a bit of sandpaper, and voilà, 3 mm needles. Cost = 5 p. They had some bamboo ones in the shop for £4 (and some pretty rosewood ones for £18, but the less said about those the better for everyone). And then I made these sweet little straights, with a couple of the kids’ beads on the ends.

beechwood needles

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