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three butterflies

Sometimes, there are circumstances where you don’t know what to say, or make, or do. Perhaps because the options feel too big, or too many and too confusing, or perhaps because you can’t think of a single one that meets the needs of the moment. Luckily, when that problem strikes you at a glass class, there are always butterflies to be made. Easy, cheerful, and providing instant gratification at the cost of only tiny pieces of scrap glass, they are a handy stand-by. The Victoria sponge of the stained-glass world, perhaps. Also, they can be incorporated into something bigger at any point (I made a mirror for the girls’ room last year, with butterflies fluttering around in a grass-green frame), or just given loops and turned into some last-minute or after-thought gift – a suncatcher, or maybe a mobile. Either way, however kitsch they may be, they are a spirit-raiser. I think it’s the instant gratification part that really does it. At least I achieved something today.

Oh, and I found a missing puzzle piece (but two others were lost), and after a frustrating tussle with the Wales Millennium Centre website I managed to book some opera tickets for next season before they all sold out. Amonst other delights, I have happily sentenced the Beloved to over six hours of Wagner (excluding intervals), but at £5 a ticket, that’s cheaper entertainment even than knitting socks. And did I mention that Bryn Terfyl is singing?


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