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Well, it turns out – you knit.

I have to admit, knitting had previously always defeated me. My grandmother could knit- I suppose to some extent it as a generational thing – and indeed, she could, as a cousin once remarked, have knitted you anything: “Motorbike? Three-piece suite? Caravan in Porthcawl?” My granny could have knitted you one, and it would have done the job too. I never saw my mother knit, and don’t think she could, although she could sew, paint, cook, garden and many other practical, handy things (you should have seen her tiling, and her mitred cornices were impressive even to the builders, I believe). She also learnt to crochet, after her mother died in the middle of an heirloom bedspread project that needed finishing, and since crochet is supposed to be an easier related craft, it stregthens my suspicion that she didnt knit.

My ex-mother-in-law did though, and she tried to teach me, but I was a recalcitrant failure I’m afraid. She teach me on Wednesday night, and I’d get the hang of it, and then on Thurday I’d wake up and find I’d had some sort of mental hard disc failure – a complete reinstall of the operating system – and that knitting was not part of the factory install. So, we’d reinstall on Thursday night (I’d redownload “knitting 1.0”, reinstall the drivers, the license key…) and on Friday morning – I’d find it wiped again. After a couple of experiences like this which were frustrating and mystifying to both of us, we gave up and I thought no more about it for some years.

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The dark, glass-less days of January

So now I have all this glass on my hands that I made for the various Christmas fairs and with such high hopes (but low expectation). Apart from the dratted frit decorations, which sold out entirely, the expectations unfortunately proved better founded than the hopes, and the remainder is a matter of a staggering heap of glass in my cellar. But, while it might get dirty, I console myself that it won’t go off. The only real danger is that the rather pathetic el-cheapo shelf it is sitting on might suddenly collapse one night and wreak dangerous destruction. So, for the time being I am sworn off significant production, and threatened with finding more or better outlets. This despite having bought some interesting glass just before Christmas, and having a fair idea as to what I want to do with it.

Actually the gallery I have got things in is great, but I would be happier by far if  It were They. Of course for It to become They I would have to do prospecting and marketing, which requires skills I do not possess in abundance, primarily organization and chutzpah. The only reason I was able to approach the person in the first gallery was that it was 100 miles from home. The fact that they seem delighted with my work should inspire me to greater confidence, but I do find it easy to find more urgent, more non-contact things to do every day.

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I’ve been meaning to get around to this for a while, and have finally managed to make my frit painting tutorial a reality. It was quite awkward to take the photos while doing the work, as the camera is too heavy and expensive to hold in my teeth and the frit painting is a delicate job better done with both hands free. Or at least, one hand – the same one I’d take the pictures with. Can’t quite recall how I managed it, but apologies for the resulting poor quality.


the frit painting tutorial

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