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Yes we can!

This was too cute not to mention. Last Wednesday, Child One came home from school saying her teacher had played them the Obama acceptance speech and forwarded through the thanks to get to the “bit that was all him saying, ‘we can’ over and over”. “He said, ‘Yes we can’ ” I corrected. “No, no. Bob the Builder said that!” piped up Child Two, determined to contribute when she saw an opportunity. And indeed he did. So there we have it, Barack Obama cut down to size -and to sound-bite- by a three-year-old. Is America broke? Can we fix it? Yes we can! Well, well. So the really big question is of course whether the great orator of modern politics acknowledged his source, or is Obama a plagiarist of toddler television?  That aside, it was a pretty great speech. I’ve been feeling upbeat all week, and I’m not even an American.

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