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Kelvin! What were you doing last night?


I woke up this morning, went to peek in the kiln, and this is what I saw:

I had my new, efficient arrangement: mold on the bottom, then two additional shelves, one with a smaller slumping mold on it, and a disc to fire on the top one. The molds were both fine, thank goodness.

yesterday's disc

The big round slumper was on the bottom, with yesterday’s disc in it; the next layer up was another new mold – the one Bullseye call “pasta plate Saturn” – with a very simple design in it, just to test the mold, really, and the top was… well, I’ll get to that in my next post. Top temp of 1325°.

Nothing was wet, all the kiln wash was dry, I haven’t dropped anything on that shelf, I never take it out, so I haven’t dropped it on anything. The whole thing’s a mystery. The only hypothesis at the moment is that there was a fault in the shelf all along and now I’m using the second shelf  there was too much weight. But surely not that much? I need to replace it – £30 + postage looks like my best deal (call that $60+) – but I’m wary if I don’t know what went wrong. Was it just “one of those things”, or did I do something I shouldn’t have? And, if I don’t know what it was, how do I ensure I don’t do it again?

I suppose on the positive side, I now have two perfectly good Paragon 8 half-shelves, and those sell for about £15 each. Bargain.


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